My full line currently consists of 33 original & colorful artwork designs inspired by nature and the ocean. With Violette Tide Studios, you'll curate an eye-catching collection that speaks to you and your customers. Read below to see the details of my Wholesale terms and conditions.


All of my prints are archival and arrive retail ready. All 5x7" and 8x10" prints are matted and packed in a clear acid-free sleeve. Prints 11x14" or larger do not come matted, but are protected and packed in clear acid-free sleeves.

Pricing & Minimums

My wholesale rate is 50% of listed retail prices (excluding cards, custom and original paintings).

Minimum wholesale order: $125

Re-order minimum: $50


Orders ship within 5 business days. Orders are shipped and insured through UPS or USPS Priority Mail.

Shipping rates:

Orders $75 - 150: $10

Orders $150 - 200: $15

Orders $200 - 300: $25

Orders $300 and up: $30


Are you interested in seeing the quality of my work before purchasing your order? I'm happy to send you a sample so you can see just how nice they are in person. Send me an email with your shop name, contact information, and provide the description for the design you’d like to see. I'll drop it in the mail to you, and we can go from there.


Would you prefer a more discrete Violette Tide branding for your retail display purposes? All cards are printed on the back with my branding information, so package branding can be modified. Please email me and we can discuss alternatives that will accommodate everyone’s preferences.